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Starting Off Online Cookery Course

This course is perfect for beginners with practical, healthy and fun recipes.

And ideal for the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award Scheme!

It includes 6 videos containing over 3 1/2 hours of professional teaching with 12+ recipes.

Have fun learning to cook at home with Be in your kitchen using the recipes and online videos which include all the information you will need.

Does this sound like you?

I'd like to learn about food that is good for my health ✔️

I want to be able to cook for my family and friends ✔️

I want to learn how to cook real food, but fast! ✔️

I've not got much time to spare ✔️

I've never cooked before! ✔️

Need to complete your DofE skills and want to learn something useful ✔️

View the course introduction in the following video:

Have a look at what we cover in the course:

Knife Skills, Tomato Sauce, Red Lentil and Vegetable Soup

All About Eggs!

All About Eggs!


How to Use Pre-Made Puff Pastry

How to Use Pre-Made Puff Pastry

Burgers, Mayo and Colesaw

Burgers, Mayo and Colesaw

Home-made Pot Noodles and Ice Cream

Focaccia and Guacamole

Home-made Pot Noodles and Ice Cream

Focaccia and Guacamole

How amazing would it be if you could learn to cook when you want?

You can learn to cook at home, uni or wherever there is a kitchen. Choose which day and what time suits you.

Simply watch the videos and follow the recipes to become a truly competent and confident cook.

You will have the videos and recipes for life, so there is no rush!

You can learn to cook at home, uni or wherever there is a kitchen. Choose which day and what time suits you.

Simply watch the videos and follow the recipes to become a truly competent and confident cook.

You will have the videos and recipes for life, so there is no rush!

How fantastic will you feel if you could enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals made with ease, every day?

These recipes have been tried and tested for over 8 years. The recipes work and the students (and parents) really enjoy them!

And you can enjoy these videos for life!

Get your friends to book in too and enjoy cooking together on Zoom! Join me in my kitchen cooking with students and feel part of the gang.

How great would it be you could use this course again?

These courses were originally set up for DofE students, but they are fantastic for so many others including younger children with adult supervision, home-schooling students and parents and adults who would like some excellent value professional cookery lessons from the convenience of their own homes.

I'm really proud of my experience which has given me the tools to support you all

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

My purpose in life is to teach adults (young and old) to cook and I love it!

My students learn, using professional chef skills, how to cook amazing recipes that are simple, fun and rewarding.

I'm a specialist teacher because I have an extraordinary background and I focus on teaching with nutrient-dense ingredients for great health.

In 2022 I qualified as a nutrition therapist because I know how powerful food is and I want to be in the best health myself and to pass that on to my students. I can now be sure that I am offering the best tuition, providing recipes that are not only delicious but are nutrient-focussed.

The journey has got to be fun and you can join me also in my 'Be in the Kitchen DofE Online Cookery Skills Course' Facebook Group to see what students are getting up to.

Introducing Starting Off Online Cookery Course

This course is ideal for anyone, including the following:

Holiday Cooking: for kids

Home Schooling: for parents and children

Off to Uni or Leaving Home: for young adults

Parents: learn to cook fresh food for your family

Want to Feel Healthier? : Learn how to avoid highly processed food

Fast Fresh Food: Learn how cooking at home can be faster than a takeaway.

It's also perfect for teenagers doing the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) award in the UK and abroad (including Australia) as it is designed to run over 3 months or you can add my other courses together for a 6 or 12 month course.

Here’s what you’ll get when you book a course:


Welcome Letter and Recipe Pack

As soon as you have booked your course you will receive a friendly welcome email which will include your recipe pack, an introduction to the course and a link to the videos.


Choose your own Start Date

Everyone has a busy life, so you get to choose when you'd like to start the course and take a break if you have a holiday.


Videos for Life

There are over 3 1/2 hours of teaching videos during this course. After you have finished you will have access to the videos for life.


Personal Support from Be

Never forget that you are not alone. I are here to support you all the way and if you get delayed during your course, just get in touch and we can make a plan. If you remember you require alternative recipes for any reason, just let me know!


Dietary Adaptions

All the courses are suitable for all diets. Just let me know when you fill in your registration form and I will make sure you have appropriate recipes to suit your needs. I am a specialist teacher in gluten and dairy-free diets.


Facebook Live Fun

Look out for me in my

Be in the Kitchen DofE Online Cookery Courses

Facebook Group

enjoy the fun and extra recipes that I will demonstrate along the way, along with my excitement on report day when I get to see all your amazing photos!

Courses (with videos for life) available from just £75!

Please come and join me in my kitchen!

See what others have to say about this course:

"Thank you so much for the Award and I loved this course. The food was amazing and I have already made some of the recipes again. Thanks."

— Bobby

"Just a brief note of thanks for the DoE course that our daughter Louisa has just completed. She has enjoyed following the recipes and the videos were particularly helpful. I have watched a few videos with her and love your presentation style. Your enthusiasm is infectious!."

— Adrian

"Dear Be Thank for your for the all delicious recipes. Mina enjoyed the courses. Many thanks"

— Fatima

Still not sure?

Satisfaction Guarantee

I pride myself on my student support and parent satisfaction. I have so many wonderful testimonials from my students and their families, see this one from parent John below:

"Hi Be ... As parents we’ve both enjoyed Toms cooking and we look forward to him doing these recipes again. It’s been great to have days off from providing meals to our children too. Regards John"

How amazing will you feel if you don't have to cook every night of the week?